January 2024 in the rear view 

Tuesday night January 9th “winter storm Finn”, arguably the strongest to hit Public Landing since Hurricane Sandy October 29, 2011.

Looking South-east from the end of the Sunset Cottage Pier on PawPaw Creek at sunrise January 10. Most of the Marsh is underwater.

Mansion House Pier in disarray. a few deck boards washed away, many more knocked loose. A lot of re-nailing. Back together now

Flood water covering Public Landing Harbor


Fishing Deck from the end of Public Landing Pier ripped loose, adrift and undulating in the light morning chop after the storm. Must have been something during the height of the storm.

After turning cold we were visited by some interesting birds, loon, juvenile little blue heron, ducks, gulls (of course).

And great sumrises


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