Mansion House

The Mansion House at Public Landing - Maryland Eastern Shore's oldest seaside resort 

A National Historic Register Property

Since 1834 the Mansion House has served its owners and their guests as a plantation, residence, resort hotel, and a Bed and Breakfast Inn.  In nearly original condition dating back to the the Public Landing hay-days of the 1920s and 1930s when it was known as The Mansion House & Cottages. Today it provides a glimpse of days gone by; a well known local destination since the 1870s, famous for its cool summer breezes, excellent swimming and watersports.

Sadly, after 24 years we have decided to close the inn. In December 2023 we pulled the plug, shut down the Website and started the blog.

However, we still offer accomodation at the Sunset Cottage on the 3rd street PawPaw Creek waterfornt just around the corner from the Mansion House. For information on the cottage and booking refer to the Sunset Cottage Page. 

Summer day at Public Landing 1936 

Christmas Eve 2023

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